Trend Alert: Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Are A Major Bang This Season

People are beginning to switch up wedding trends, mismatched bridesmaid dresses are taking over the trend and we’re loving it. Making all your bridesmaids put on the same bridesmaid dress, same jewellery, same shoes, with the same hairdo is now a thing of the past and we are so loving this trend.

This wedding trend means that bridesmaids wear different styles of the wedding color and sometimes even different colors as the bride wishes. It is an elegant deviation from having bridesmaids who look exactly alike-boring! Perhaps you love the idea of a mismatched dresses for your girls, you can take a look at these styles that would inspire your choice for your bridesmaids ranging from mixing colors to using different fabric.

Having your bridesmaids dresses in colors and styles that suit their body type and fashion sense is a considerate way to celebrate their individuality. The results are a beautiful bridal train, as you can see from the pictures below.

Be inspired.

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