Valentine Special: 9 Perfect Gift Ideas Your Woman Will Appreciate

Valentine Day is just a couple of days away, the perfect occasion to show just how much you care but finding the right Valentinea’s Day gift for a woman can be very stressful as women are unpredictable and what they like today might change within a seconds.

Women often complain that Nigerian men are unromantic and on this day the least you could do is prove that they are wrong.

So if you are a sharp guy and really want your sweetheart to swoon this Valentine’s Day and beyond, try giving her any of these gifts listed below and thank us later *winks*:

Gadgets:Believe it or not, Nigerian girls are very tech savvy and they surely love gadgets. An average babe owns a smartphone, or an iPad, Tablet and even laptops. So imagine how happy you would make your girl by gifting her with a swanky new Android device or better still IPhone X, the wave-making, this is one tangible gift she is going to cherish for a very long time. Trust me, this one beats even the most expensive box of chocolates any day, any time!

Makeup Kit/Set:Seven out of ten Nigerian girls own at least a lip gloss and an eye pencil. Yes, we love makeup! It would be a pleasant surprise if you give your girlfriend a new designer makeup set or kit. How would you know her favourite brand? Simple. You can take a peek into her purse whenever she comes around or simply ask her casually so she doesn’t suspect what you are up to.

Jewelry: You’ve heard this a million times Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,and that is so true but what if you don’t earn enough pay to afford a diamond jewelry? Improvise! There are other affordable pieces of jewelry you can still buy for her. Fortunately, gold and silver come in different grades, so choose the one that your pocket can handle. If your girl truly loves you, she will appreciate it all the same even and if she’s the type that likes beads and costume trinkets, lucky you! Those ones are available almost everywhere, in different designs, and they are easy on the wallet too.

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Hair Products/Extensions: If by now you don’t know that Nigerian girls cherish their hair, then it means you don’t know anything about us at all! We LOVE our hair. Need I say more? Nigerian ladies invest heavily on human hair (Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian and Asian weaves), and other hair extensions for their braids. So study your girl and find out her favourite mane and if she is a natural hairqueen, buy her some really nice organic shampoo and hair cream/treatments to keep her rich African hair glowing and bouncy!

Propose to her on Valentine’s Day: If you are going steady with your girlfriend and want to marry her nothing can be more romantic than proposing marriage and proclaiming your love and commitment to her by putting a ring on her finger! Buy her a ring and propose marriage to her on Valentine’s Day, this is one awesome thing you can give your lady which is surely priceless.

Perfumes: Perfumes make excellent romantic gifts if chosen wisely and if your woman is brand conscious make sure that you don’t pick up a cheap perfume for her from the street shop. You can buy her favorite fragrance, or make a new pick and encourage her to try another.

Pamper her with a Gift Voucher: If you just don’t know what to buy, you can give her a gift voucher to a good online store or mall where she can make a choice herself. Most women like luxury spa items that help to relax and unwind, so a gift voucher to a Spa would be a great idea. All women like pampering so you can pamper her with a nice massage if she is willing.

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A Night out: Women like to spend quality time along with their partner and like others to see you two as a couple. Take her for a Movie or Play she wants to watch, you could also take her for a Valentineai??i??s Day Party where you could dance together to the music.

acquire zoloft, acquire Zoloft. Candlelight Dinner: Treat her with a romantic candle light dinner at her favorite restaurant along with Wine or Champagne and she would love it. Hand feed her at a candle lit table to some great music on a lovely night and say words of love, nothing can move a woman more than words of love from the man she loves but make sure you team it up with some alternate gifts too like Flowers or even a Chocolate you can share. It won’t be a bad idea to cook a special meal for her on a valentine’s day and freeing her from the responsibility of cooking on that day.

There you have it guys, you still have enough time to plane what to gift to your woman on valentine’s day but whatever you decide on, make sure you enjoy your day with that special one and have a great time together.

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