Ways To Take Care of Your Shoes & Keep Them Looking Like New

Image result for Ways to Take Care of Your Shoes and Keep Them Looking Like NewWhen it comes to shoes, naturally we want them to last as long as possible especially when it is expensive. Luckily there are great tips for all kinds of shoes to keep them looking as good as new. Good shoes are a staple to any stylish wardrobe but one constant that hasn’t changed is the fact that shoes will always require proper care to keep them in good shape.

Storing your shoes: First things first — storage! If space permits, put your shoes on shelves or in custom-built cubbies. Otherwise, hang a shoe bag with many pockets on the back of a door or put shoe racks or shelves on the floor of the closet. If you keep shoes in their original boxes, label them, or better yet, affix a photo to the box for easy identification.

Preventative Care: Wipe shoes clean of dirt and stuff with tissue paper before putting them away. Well-made shoes with stitched soles and uppers can be repaired over and over, although complicated cobbling on delicate shoes will be apparent. Protective rubber taps do a good job of protecting pointed toes and should be installed, if possible, before new shoes are worn. Apply silicone protector to every pair of new shoes, following manufacturer’s instructions; test in an inconspicuous spot first. Leather soles wear out faster than rubber ones. If rubber soles do not detract from the look of the shoe, it is worth lining the leather with rubber. Finally, wooden shoe stretchers help supple leather shoes keep their shape.

No air: Much like our skin, shoes require decent airflow to enable it to breathe. Never store shoes in plastic.

Overwearing: Constantly wearing a single pair of shoes can irreversibly damage the structure of them, in which case, no amount of cleaning can save it. Rotate your shoe wardrobe often.

Dry feet only: Always dry your feet before wearing shoes- damp/moist feet can cause a multitude of health issues and also causes shoes to get moldy.

Don’t forget to wipe: Mud and liquids should be wiped off as soon as possible, specifically from leather shoes to avoid stains.

Keeping leather shiny: To keep your leather shoes looking shiny and new, simply use a banana peel! Rub the peel onto the leather and wipe the leftover banana residue with a soft paper napkin.

Getting rid of shoe scratches: Do your gorgeous party shoes have some black scratches on them from knocking into each other? There is a solution. You’ll need: Nail polish remover and Q-tips. Wet the q-tips slightly with nail polish remover, then while pressing gently, remove black scratches from your favorite shoes.

Enlarging shoes: Are those fancy shoes you just purchased too tight? Take a cup of water in a ziplock bag, place it in the shoe and put the shoes in the freezer — the water will turn into ice and push the sides of the shoe apart. Leave them there over night and they’ll be ready to wear in the morning.


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