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generic zoloft, generic Zoloft. 1. Casual/Holiday Casual:Most men,s favorite! You can pretty much dress like you are going to the Florida vs. Georgia game! Shorts, jeans, tee-shirts, flip-flops, etc. Just keep in mind your hosts. If they tend to dress up more than down, you’ll want to mirror that when you are picking out what to wear.

For Holiday casual events you can pull out that Christmas sweater, but you don’t have to. It just means you’ll want to add a little holiday sparkle to your outfit. Maybe wear a blouse with a few sequins with your jeans, or some sparkling jewelry. Holiday colors of red, green, royal blue, silver, gold and winter white are also great.

2. Semi-Casual/Business Casual: This label isn’t as causal as you think it might be. No denim for anyone. Blazers or sports coats for men are great. No shorts. No khakis for women, although they are fine for men.Keep in mind you don’t want to wear anything you wouldn’t wear to a traditional office on a day when you were going to be seeing clients or customers.

3. Business: This is the most misunderstood category. Depending on your line of work, Business Attire on an invitation might be more formal than what you wear on a day-to-day basis at the office.

Think of your favorite Presidential candidate, male or female, on TV for one of the big debates. They are very well dressed. That’s what is actually meant by Business Attire on an invitation. Dress like you are interviewing for a six-figure job or running for President!

Suits and ties for men are expected. For women, business dresses or suits, either skirts or pants, (skirts are most common) are worn. Dress business shoes and great accessorizes will complete your outfit and help you look fantastic.


forzest tablets for sale in europe. 4. Semi-formal/Cocktail: oral yelly. For men: dark suits and white shirts, silk ties in more formal-looking patterns. For women: the classic little black dress or an outfit (skirt and blouse or pants and a blouse) of a silky, satin, or other light fabric, highest heels you can comfortably wear, sparkling jewelry. Usually no long dresses.

5. Formal/Black Tie: Go all out, but keep in mind that understated usually makes the best statement. Dinner jacket (tuxedo) for men; long dress for women. Think walking the red carpet at the Oscars(R)!

6. White Tie: Something most of us will never see on our invitations. Requires men to wear a white bow tie and a white dinner jacket with tails. Ladies must wear a long dress with long white gloves. Think dining with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Even the White House now hosts just one or two White Tie events each year. These evenings are usually to honor visiting heads of state, the Pope, or the like.

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